legacy version

MPC Advanced Vs Legacy

There are a few new features and upgrades to Mass Page Creator that you will want to be aware of. I’ve made a few videos that will explain some of the differences. Make sure you watch the videos below to see the differences. For a full list of new features visit this page: https://masspagecreator.com/ck/mode_difference.php

Topics Covered On This Page:

1. Build single Html pages ‘on-the-fly’ by clicking lines in the Html Blueprint list.

2. Fill Paths with States and Cities (including path formulas) with a single click.

3. Blueprint, Build, and Project dialogs now show exact path counts (Path formulas accounted for).

4. New Var Formula for calling functions. First function converts U.S. States into Abbreviations.

5. Editor: Selection and cursor position maintained between Visual and Source modes.

6. Editor: Snippets replaced by right-click context menu. Allows operations on selected text.

7. Editor: Added API access to SpinRewriter and ArticleBuilder. (Commercial license required).

8. Shortcode for random YouTube videos based on keywords for Html pages. (Commercial license required)

9. Map and Weather widgets based on state and city Vars

1. Blueprint Lines Create Actual Pages.

2. City and State Variables Line Up Automatically.

3. Paths Are Now Absolute

4. State Abbreviations

5. Cursor Selection

6. MPC Snippet Button

7. SpinRewriter & Article Builder API’s

8. Youtube Video API

9. Google Maps & Weather Widget