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US Cities and Towns Database

US Cities and Towns Database
US Cities and Towns Database
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Time: 08:00Year: 2013
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Do you hate spending hours looking for the right geo-targets? Do you get frustrated with selecting “just the right cities” from a messy Excel spreadsheet?


I know exactly how frustrating that can be… believe me. I used to do it every day. Until now that is…

I’ve built an application with 180780 Cities and Towns in the US that is so easy to use, it’ll save you hours in research and add more “punch” to your pages.

It’s a fact that Google gives “local” results priority over “generalized” results in the majority of searches. With this US City List Database you can target more locations than ever before. Instantly find the right locations for your runs.


With the US Cities and Towns Database You Can:

  • Instantly select entire States
  • Instantly select every City and Town within any County
  • Instantly select specific ZIP codes


Export Options: Data can be exported as:

  • Tab-Separated Text Files (*.tab)
  • Comma-Separated Text Files (*.csv)
  • Merge Files (*.mer)
  • HTML Table Files (*.htm)
  • Excel 95-2004 Workbooks (*.xls)
  • Excel Workbooks (*.xlsx)

The closest anything comes to the US City List Database is an Excel Spreadsheet that sells for $39.50 on the internet. And it only contains 19,537 incorporated cities in the United States.

You can get your own US Cities and Towns Database here for only $27.50

 >>> Demo Available Here <<<

The demo version will open 5 times. The 6th time you open the file you will need to register the product.

See screenshots:

US City List



US City List Instructions