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WP Profit Builder

WP Profit Builder Is A Game Changer

With WP Profit Builder you could build lead and marketing pages like the gurus without all the headaches…

WP Profit BuilderImagine high-converting lead pages cramming your lists with fresh, hungry leads. Sales pages that have people scrambling to buy your products… Now imagine that you could easily create any kind of lead pages, sales pages, member portals, webinar pages, bonus give away pages, affiliate pages…

Now you can with this amazing system that is setting the marketing world on fire… In fact, in just a few clicks, you can easily build any type of marketing or lead page you can imagine with Zero coding and for a fraction of the cost of other systems and zero monthly fees…

By harnessing all the best, proven, high-conversion tactics used by the pros you can literally skyrocket your profits…

Here’s just a fraction of what it can do:

– Instantly create GURU level marketing pages
– 50+ pre-done, proven marketing layouts for every need
– 50+ instant elements to enhance any page on your site
– Works on ANY WordPress site and ANY theme
– Easy to use Drag and Drop LIVE editor
– Build any type of marketing page you can imagine
– 100% SEO and Mobile Optimized
– Transforms Your Site into a Profit Center FAST
– All this and a ton more…

Take a look now and you will see why I’m so excited about this:

=> http://bit.ly/crazysitebuilder

This system is far more powerful than many comparable systems, is a fraction of the cost and turns you into an Instant marketing master, regardless of experience…

Don’t just take my word for it, go watch the LIVE demo video and see for yourself. There is too much this can do to explain on this page alone…

I give this two thumbs way up and know this will transform the way you market online…

=> http://bit.ly/crazysitebuilder

MPC Path Formulas

Mass Page Creator has a new function now called Path Formulas. This new function allows you to align different variables in your paths to help you match up variables with one another. This is something that’s easier shown than explained, so I’ve made a video that shows how this works.

The alignment between cities and states is probably the most direct way of explaining this. Watch the video below and you’ll understand what I’m talking about here. Enjoy.

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MOWG Reviews

Well if you’re looking for a review of the mowg software, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve owned this software for a little over 2 years more or less after paying $1300.00 at $100.00 per month for the software. I started My Own Webpage Generation Templates (mowgtemplates.com) in Jan. 2012 After using the software for some time, I started noticing that some things could be done in a better, less spammy way. This prompted me to start building better templates for myself and other people. This mowg reviews page will explain all you need to know.

From when I started using the software and up to around June, July 2013 it seemed to work. But as time went on I started noticing that the pages would drop more and more from the search engines and getting indexed less. This promoted me to search for something that would work BETTER THAN MOWG SOFTWARE.

Full RipoffReport.com Report on MOWG Software Creator Dave Bennett

And I did find it, it’s called Mass Page Creator. After teaming up with the developer and explaining what I needed a Mass Optimization Tool to do, I also signed up as an affiliate for the program. Naturally… Why not make a few bucks on a great tool with an affiliate program?

Now on Friday July 4th 2014 Dave Bennet (Owner of the MOWG Software) CANCELLED MY MOWG LICENSE BECAUSE I WAS COMPETING WITH HIM… The full email exchange can be found on RipOffReport.com on this link on top.

Seems like I’m not the only one with complaints against Dave Bennett. He’s been reported on Better Business Bureau too.

Follow this Link

So if you’re thinking of buying MOWG Software, make damn sure you never promote anything else beside Dave Bennett’s products or he will pull your License away, whether you’ve paid it off or not.

Why you should NEVER EVER use MOWG UAP runs.

If you have been screwed by Dave Bennet, I’d like to hear your story too. Please comment below. If you do not with to have your name published, simply leave an anonymous comment. I can certainly understand if you fear your license being pulled as well if this review came to Dave Bennett’s attention.

I have copied and pasted the emails, I’ve received from the people on my lists. All names have been HIDDEN to protect these people from persecution.

The Website Relevance Theory or PBN Experiment

The website relevance theory may sound like something that came straight from Sheldon Cooper, (The Big Bang Theory, sorry just couldn’t resist), but it’s all about an SEO experiment I’ve been conducting to make my PBN’s more “related” to whatever I’m pitching. I’ll also disclose some of my initial results after experimenting for about 4 – 5 weeks.
The website relevance theory

How Related Are Your Backlinks?

About the relevancy of your PBN to your money site. We all know that links from relevant (related niche) websites carry more weight than links from unrelated websites. We also know there are two main things that determine if 2 domains/sites are seen as related or not. (There are other factors like authorship etc… but these are beyond the scope of this article.)

The 2 main things are:

  1. The type of backlinks coming IN to the domain. (Where do they come from?)
  2. The content on the website itself. (What’s the content on the pages about?)

Usually you don’t have much control over the back-links coming IN to your newly bought PBN site. But we do have control over the content… There are many places on the web where you can read (or watch Becker lol) explain how to set up your article(s) on your new backlink site. The basic idea is that you start off by writing 1 unique piece of content (add your backlink(s) and put that up on your site and voila… your site is now about something related to your money site.

So How Can You Use The Website Relevancy Theory To Your Advantage?

If ONE single article on a home page can make your new site relevant to your niche, how much more relevant would it be if it had 2000 or more unique pages all talking about your related keywords? (Your LSI keywords) In my humble opinion A LOT. I still call it an opinion because I’ve only been testing for about 4 – 5 weeks, but the results are very promising.

The PBN Experiment

If you own any Mass Optimization Tool like Mass Page Creator, you could easily try out this experiment for yourself. In the paragraphs below I’ll explain the full experiments and the initial results.

Step 1. I bought a few PR1 to PR3 expired domains and I put up an initial post on each site pointing back to my Lead Generation site. The result, as could be predicted, made my site start to rank higher for the keywords I was targeting. After all the sites were up with the initial content, I tracked the rankings of my lead gen. site for about 10 to 14 days without adding any additional links. What I saw was that my lead gen. site kept creeping up for a few more days and then it slowly started dropping in the search results. Then the site started moving sideways, some keywords dropping 2 or 3 spots one day and moving up 1 or 2 spots the next.

Step 2. After watching this slow decline for about 2 weeks I used Mass Optimization Software to make the sites “hyper relevant”. I built about 2 to 3000 “internal” pages on each of the PBN sites (without backlinking my moneysite…), and had all the links on these internal pages point to my home page.

Step 3. Lo and behold… as soon as the first 2 PBN sites started getting their pages indexed, my lead gen site started rising for its keywords with 3 and 4 spots a day with zero additional backlinks. Now it’s still early days and I can’t swear to this yet, as the internal pages just started indexing. But it seems to me like this could be used to maximize the power of your PBN.

Mass Optimized Domains

Mass Optimized DomainsHere’s a quick way to benefit from the raw power to your mass optimized domains. By now you’ve probably heard of the benefits of having your own private blog network. The problem is you need to know which domains to buy and which are just junk. Buy the wrong domain and you waste not only your money but your time as well.

Talking about time… Have you ever tried searching for High PR domains to buy? Most websites and tools give you a TON of data to go through, and even the tools that offer “filtering” only produce DATA. For over 14 months now I’ve been buying domains with page rank and turning them into feeder sites to backlink my clients and my own affiliate products. And I can tell you it works great.

The beauty is that as an MPC user; you and I both, have an “unfair” advantage over other people setting up a PBN. (Private blog network) It’s simple really… We can make our sites extremely relevant, in much less time than the average Joe setting up a network of sites. Simply put up a front (home) page and MPC or MOWG the heck out of the back-end of the site… We can create mass optimized Domains, instead of just mass optimized Pages.

That’s it. Now of course there are a few things you’d want to watch out for. If you’re using MOWG, or MPC don’t send links to your clients’ site. Make all clicks come through to your Home Page. That’s the page with PR, and that’s where you have THE ONLY link(s) out of your site. The internal pages should all point to the home page. (can’t say that enough…)

Good. Now we’re clear on the setup. But how do you find the right domains for this setup? Well you could sign up with a few paid services or buy software like PRPowershot (which works great by the way) and then go hunting for domains to buy. Wading through a ton of data is not my idea of fun though.

So here guy’s as my loyal readers of MOWG Templates I’m offering you a free tool you can use to find high pr domains, dirt cheap and without wasting time. It’s what I call the Visual Domain Checker. This simple tool will allow you to immediately see which domains are worth further investigation and which domains are just junk.

I’ve put the video below so you can see how it works. If there is enough interest I will make a commercial version of this software, but for now it’s 100% free. If you like it follow the link and go get it. A ton of people have already downloaded it so don’t miss out, and happy domain hunting.

Please note: MOWG Software is not so much recommended for MOD (Mass Optimized Domains) any more due to severe duplicate content issues and the extreme cost of the software.

Mass Page Creator Coupon

Mass Page Creator Coupon

Expired No Longer Valid

If you are looking for a Mass Page Creator Coupon, you’ve come to the right place. Even though Mass Page Creator is way cheaper when compared to MOWG, there have been a lot of people asking for a coupon. We always listen to our subscribers and we’ve come up with a coupon for MPC and it is available to all my subscribers.

MPC Coupon No Longer Valid

If you need to contact me before purchasing, I’ll be happy to have a chat with you on Skype.

Mass Page Creator Takes Down MOWG

Mass Page Creator Takes Down MOWGAs someone who specializes in Mass Page Optimization, I’m of course always on the lookout for software that help me do a better job. I’ve always know about MOWG’s short comings and have specialized in building templates to help my own and my clients’ conversions. As some of you will know I’ve even dabbled with the idea of building my very own in-house Mass Page Optimization Software.

Mass Page Creator

In the latter half of last year, I came across something called Mass Page Creator. I was absolutely blown away to say the least. The video instructions were so short and easy to understand I bought it right there and then. After trying out the software for myself, I immediately dropped all plans to build any in-house tool for the simple reason that MPC (Mass Page Creator) was so way ahead of the game that it would be a total waste of my time.

>>> Get Mass Page Creator Here <<<

I contacted the developer (Larry) immediately, explained who I am, and asked if he would consider incorporating some of my ideas in the software. And the rest is history…

For the whole latter part of 2013 and early 2014 we’ve worked together to make it The Ultimate Mass Optimized Page Creator Software.

With the new MPC you can even “name” your sitemaps thus removing the potential for leaving a footprint behind. There is sooo much more to it that it’s hard to put it all in a single post. So instead, please watch the video’s below and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to drop me an email or leave a reply below.

MPC Overview


MPC Installation


MPC Control Panel


Basic Project


Intermediate MPC Skills


Advanced MPC Techniques


Pro MPC Techniques


MPC Topics




Basic MPC Template


Web Page Template


Adding Adsense To Your Pages


>>> Get Mass Page Creator Here <<<

If you’ve watched the video’s above, you can probably understand why I’m so exited about MPC. It’s so simple and easy to use even a twelve year old who can follow instructions can easily build professional landing pages.


Landing Pages

Increasing Conversions With Optimized Landing Pages

landing pagesMost Websites usually have different types of pages, such as, Home Page, Sales/Service Offer Page(s), Article Pages, Contact Page(s) and Landing Pages. Most business owners have one or more landing pages on their site.

What exactly is a landing page?

People often confuse a landing page with a sales page. There is a difference between the two however. While Sales Pages are designed to sell a product or service, Landing Pages are primarily designed to grab the visitors attention and direct it to your offer or sales page.

Landing Pages are designed to Presell and warm-up the visitor and guide him/her to the actual Sales Page, where you offer your product or service to the public. These pages are often linked to from social media, email campaigns or SEO campaigns in order to increase the effectiveness of the advertisements. Another difference between a Landing Page and a Sales Page is that landing pages usually have a lot less content when compared to sales pages.

Squeeze Pages

A clear example of this typical “lack of content” are Squeeze Pages. Squeeze Pages are a form of landing page where the marketer asks for the visitors’ email address in exchange for some form of value. Value in this case could be anything the visitor will perceive as having some form of value for him/her. (e.g. Special reports, launch date announcements, free trial, etc… ) Most Squeeze Pages have very little content except for the “Call To Action” on the page.

Why Use Landing Pages?

Landing pages help both your conversion and help focus or funnel your visitors attention to a specific promotion on your site. If you were to send your visitors directly to your homepage instead of an optimized landing page you are likely to lose a large number of visitors. The reason is simple… Normally the home page is designed for a “General Overview” of the site’s content, and as we all know people get easily distracted. A properly optimized landing page will direct your visitors’ focus and prevent him/her straying off to other things.

Page Index Checker

Free Page Index Checker Tool For MOWG Runs.

Page index checkerHere’s something that I’m absolutely sure you’ll love to get your hands on… and you can… for $0.00. Yep that’s what I’m charging for the Page Index Checker Script. As a valued subscriber to MOWG Templates you can download our tool from this page completely free. (free for subscribers only)

What The Page Indexing Tool Does.

When you do MOWG runs, whether for clients or for your own projects, one of the things you always want to know on a regular basis is how many pages you have indexed in Google. You may be aware of the “traditional” method of performing the “site:yourdomainhere.com” string in a Google search and retrieving your answer that way.

One “damning” drawback to this method however is that it’s extremely tedious work, especially if you do a lot of client work. You could easily spend a whole hour a day doing just that, website by tedious website. Our answer to that has been the creation of a little tool (that can easily be triggered with Windows Task Scheduler) to perform the checks completely in the background and writes the information into an excel spreadsheet so you even get a view of historical data.

Installation Steps: (There is nothing to install)

1. Create a folder on your C:\ drive called “INDEXING”.
2. Create some Excel spread sheets in that folder with the domain names you wish to check regularly.(e.g. industry-leaders.org.xlsx, investopedia.com.xlsx, 518expo.xlsx etc…, you can also check specific sub-domain folders if you wish wood-working.industry-leaders.org.xlsx etc… )
3. Double click the “MT” icon to run the indexing program.
4. Check your data when the tool finishes.

I’ve been using it myself for a few months now and I can honestly say it works great. I’ve simply added a schedule to it and every morning at 08:00 all my own and my clients’ domains get checked for indexing. 🙂 No sweat and hands free.


1. The tool uses Internet Explorer as it’s “data-extraction” browser. So this means you have to have the latest version of IE installed.
2. If you are logged in to Google in IE, you will need to log out for the software to work.
3. Some machines may not have the drivers for the software to work, and if that’s the case you can download them here: http://www.winautomation.com/ Just download the software and install it and you’re good to go. (Please note: There is NO need to pay or even start up WinAutomation at all. You can even un-install it after you’ve made sure the Indexer works, the drivers will remain on your machine.)

Watch the videos below to see how it works and how to set up your Windows Task Scheduler. We hope you enjoy the tool and save yourself some time in the process.

Page Index Checker Download Link And Videos Below ( Subscription Required )


I’ve addressed a bug in the Page Index Checker, where it would break if you were checking a sub-domain run and the pages hadn’t been indexed yet. If you have the older version of the software, download the new version below and you’re good to go.

WordPress MOWG

WordPress MOWG Plugin

wordpress mowgRecently I was given a “heads up” by one of my friends, (let’s call him Larry) about a “WordPress MOWG that would “auto-create” WordPress posts based on vars. In other words a WordPress plug-in that would create pages. It’s called the “Landingpage plugin” and was developed by a Dutch company called “Tussendoor Internet en Marketing”. The Landing Page Plugin has actually been around for a number of years.

The WordPress MOWG plugin is said to do a number of things listed below:

1. Add multiple pages to your WordPress website, on complete autopilot.
2. Uses variables to auto create posts. [var]
3. Build-in interval timer so your posts or pages get created over a period of time. (hours, days, weeks or months).
4. Fully compatible with “All-in-One SEO Pack.

One of the really neat features is that you could create your own “vars” (e.g. from a spun article) and use that as your “post”. The plugin uses the “[var]” tag instead of normal spin syntax {word1|word2|word3}.

So of course as someone interested in Mass Optimization, I had to buy it. The $15.00 it cost seemed very cheap IF it worked as advertised.

After I installed the plugin I decided to take it for a “spin”. (pun intended) The setup is pretty easy, simply upload the plugin from your WP Dashboard and activate as you would any other plugin. Next step is to set the permalinks settings for the plugin. Unfortunately you are required to use “/landingpage” as the first part of your URL. There is no way to avoid this.

The software has a number of known bugs. Page generation interval being one of the big ones. Whenever you set the plugin to generate pages over x amount of hours or days, it defaults back to weeks. This is quite unacceptable unless you don’t really care for page generating speed.

I’ve made a video below that’ll walk you through the steps of setting up this plugin, but as you’ll notice there are a few bugs in the system which cannot be addressed until the end of September 2013 according to the developers. But to be fair, if you have a blog and you wish to auto-post on, this would be a great plugin to use.

Can this auto-poster replace “Regular MOWG”?

Not likely… Creating 20.000 pages will practically “kill” your WordPress website, and WordPress has a know issue where it’ll almost “lock down” and become unresponsive after 50000 pages. You can read more about that here.

The plugin itself is available from Codecanyon here: http://codecanyon.net/item/landingpages/301422

The plugin doesn’t allow the creation of subdomains, which incidentally are some of the strongest pages for MOWG. Especially if you want to target different niches or wish to promote different products from the same domain, sub-domains are your best way to go.

(This is NOT an affiliate link. Even though they DO have an affiliate program, I do not feel comfortable selling this “WordPress MOWG” plugin, because of some replies I found on their comments.)

I simply thought this might be interesting if you don’t need to create too many pages or don’t mind a couple of bugs. There will be an update according to the developer for late September this year.So there you are… Thanks for taking the time to read this post.