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Experiments with MOWG Page Metrics

MOWG Page MetricsOver the last few months I’ve been amazed at the ingenuity of some MOWG sites. I’ve seen sites with “hidden verbage” (I have a few myself), I’ve seen sites customized with the MOWG bit at the bottom (below the footer), all in a quest for the perfect MOWG run and improving the MOWG Metrics. And with good reason; your website metrics can make or break your site. Continue reading

Faster Indexing For MOWG Runs

Faster Indexing

We can all do with faster indexing of our websites. Whether you’re a MOWG user or not, it’s always a pain to have to sit around and wait for you pages to get indexed.


Faster IndexingHow can you get faster indexing of your back-links or MOWG site? As a MOWG owner you’re probably putting up pages faster than any other type of software owner ever could. Even SeNukeXcr doesn’t come close to the sheer number of backlinks and pages created by MOWG. Continue reading

Customizing ArtCorp Template

ArtCorp Template Customizations

Artcorp Template OptionsThe ArtCorp Template offers 3 customization options. All the customizable areas are clearly marked (commented out) in the html code. If you’re a subscriber to this website you have free access to the codes.

The first part you can change/alter in this template is the Siderbar Area. Continue reading

Cuber Template Editing

Editing the cuber template is easy. Only For GEO Runs: At the bottom of the .html file, change the business/company details. This adds strength for Google Maps.

1. Create your image. (approx. 630×250 for best display)

2. Upzip the zipped file and add your image in the “images” folder.

3. Upload the cuber support folder with images and css into your “related-v5-files2″ folder or its equivalent. Continue reading

nPulse MOWG Template Settings

How To Customize nPulse MOWG Template:

The MOWG nPulse template can be used “out of the box” with the “domain-1.csv” supplied. If you want to use your own .csv file you need to remove var1001 (image.jpg), because this template uses a slider with images. By default there are 3 images called “slide1.jpg”, “slide2.jpg” and “slide3.jpg”. Continue reading