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The Website Relevance Theory or PBN Experiment

The website relevance theory may sound like something that came straight from Sheldon Cooper, (The Big Bang Theory, sorry just couldn’t resist), but it’s all about an SEO experiment I’ve been conducting to make my PBN’s more “related” to whatever I’m pitching. I’ll also disclose some of my initial results after experimenting for about 4 – 5 weeks.
The website relevance theory

How Related Are Your Backlinks?

About the relevancy of your PBN to your money site. We all know that links from relevant (related niche) websites carry more weight than links from unrelated websites. We also know there are two main things that determine if 2 domains/sites are seen as related or not. (There are other factors like authorship etc… but these are beyond the scope of this article.)

The 2 main things are:

  1. The type of backlinks coming IN to the domain. (Where do they come from?)
  2. The content on the website itself. (What’s the content on the pages about?)

Usually you don’t have much control over the back-links coming IN to your newly bought PBN site. But we do have control over the content… There are many places on the web where you can read (or watch Becker lol) explain how to set up your article(s) on your new backlink site. The basic idea is that you start off by writing 1 unique piece of content (add your backlink(s) and put that up on your site and voila… your site is now about something related to your money site.

So How Can You Use The Website Relevancy Theory To Your Advantage?

If ONE single article on a home page can make your new site relevant to your niche, how much more relevant would it be if it had 2000 or more unique pages all talking about your related keywords? (Your LSI keywords) In my humble opinion A LOT. I still call it an opinion because I’ve only been testing for about 4 – 5 weeks, but the results are very promising.

The PBN Experiment

If you own any Mass Optimization Tool like Mass Page Creator, you could easily try out this experiment for yourself. In the paragraphs below I’ll explain the full experiments and the initial results.

Step 1. I bought a few PR1 to PR3 expired domains and I put up an initial post on each site pointing back to my Lead Generation site. The result, as could be predicted, made my site start to rank higher for the keywords I was targeting. After all the sites were up with the initial content, I tracked the rankings of my lead gen. site for about 10 to 14 days without adding any additional links. What I saw was that my lead gen. site kept creeping up for a few more days and then it slowly started dropping in the search results. Then the site started moving sideways, some keywords dropping 2 or 3 spots one day and moving up 1 or 2 spots the next.

Step 2. After watching this slow decline for about 2 weeks I used Mass Optimization Software to make the sites “hyper relevant”. I built about 2 to 3000 “internal” pages on each of the PBN sites (without backlinking my moneysite…), and had all the links on these internal pages point to my home page.

Step 3. Lo and behold… as soon as the first 2 PBN sites started getting their pages indexed, my lead gen site started rising for its keywords with 3 and 4 spots a day with zero additional backlinks. Now it’s still early days and I can’t swear to this yet, as the internal pages just started indexing. But it seems to me like this could be used to maximize the power of your PBN.