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Mass Optimized Domains

Mass Optimized DomainsHere’s a quick way to benefit from the raw power to your mass optimized domains. By now you’ve probably heard of the benefits of having your own private blog network. The problem is you need to know which domains to buy and which are just junk. Buy the wrong domain and you waste not only your money but your time as well.

Talking about time… Have you ever tried searching for High PR domains to buy? Most websites and tools give you a TON of data to go through, and even the tools that offer “filtering” only produce DATA. For over 14 months now I’ve been buying domains with page rank and turning them into feeder sites to backlink my clients and my own affiliate products. And I can tell you it works great.

The beauty is that as an MPC user; you and I both, have an “unfair” advantage over other people setting up a PBN. (Private blog network) It’s simple really… We can make our sites extremely relevant, in much less time than the average Joe setting up a network of sites. Simply put up a front (home) page and MPC or MOWG the heck out of the back-end of the site… We can create mass optimized Domains, instead of just mass optimized Pages.

That’s it. Now of course there are a few things you’d want to watch out for. If you’re using MOWG, or MPC don’t send links to your clients’ site. Make all clicks come through to your Home Page. That’s the page with PR, and that’s where you have THE ONLY link(s) out of your site. The internal pages should all point to the home page. (can’t say that enough…)

Good. Now we’re clear on the setup. But how do you find the right domains for this setup? Well you could sign up with a few paid services or buy software like PRPowershot (which works great by the way) and then go hunting for domains to buy. Wading through a ton of data is not my idea of fun though.

So here guy’s as my loyal readers of MOWG Templates I’m offering you a free tool you can use to find high pr domains, dirt cheap and without wasting time. It’s what I call the Visual Domain Checker. This simple tool will allow you to immediately see which domains are worth further investigation and which domains are just junk.

I’ve put the video below so you can see how it works. If there is enough interest I will make a commercial version of this software, but for now it’s 100% free. If you like it follow the link and go get it. A ton of people have already downloaded it so don’t miss out, and happy domain hunting.

Please note: MOWG Software is not so much recommended for MOD (Mass Optimized Domains) any more due to severe duplicate content issues and the extreme cost of the software.

Mass Page Creator Takes Down MOWG

Mass Page Creator Takes Down MOWGAs someone who specializes in Mass Page Optimization, I’m of course always on the lookout for software that help me do a better job. I’ve always know about MOWG’s short comings and have specialized in building templates to help my own and my clients’ conversions. As some of you will know I’ve even dabbled with the idea of building my very own in-house Mass Page Optimization Software.

Mass Page Creator

In the latter half of last year, I came across something called Mass Page Creator. I was absolutely blown away to say the least. The video instructions were so short and easy to understand I bought it right there and then. After trying out the software for myself, I immediately dropped all plans to build any in-house tool for the simple reason that MPC (Mass Page Creator) was so way ahead of the game that it would be a total waste of my time.

>>> Get Mass Page Creator Here <<<

I contacted the developer (Larry) immediately, explained who I am, and asked if he would consider incorporating some of my ideas in the software. And the rest is history…

For the whole latter part of 2013 and early 2014 we’ve worked together to make it The Ultimate Mass Optimized Page Creator Software.

With the new MPC you can even “name” your sitemaps thus removing the potential for leaving a footprint behind. There is sooo much more to it that it’s hard to put it all in a single post. So instead, please watch the video’s below and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to drop me an email or leave a reply below.

MPC Overview


MPC Installation


MPC Control Panel


Basic Project


Intermediate MPC Skills


Advanced MPC Techniques


Pro MPC Techniques


MPC Topics




Basic MPC Template


Web Page Template


>>> Get Mass Page Creator Here <<<

If you’ve watched the video’s above, you can probably understand why I’m so exited about MPC. It’s so simple and easy to use even a twelve year old who can follow instructions can easily build professional landing pages.


How To Fix Broken Links And Broken Pages

Broken Links and broken pagesBroken links and broken pages will make it difficult to rank your website. But first let’s make a clear distinction about what qualifies as broken pages and what broken links are.

What is a broken page?

Simply put a broken page is a page that does not exist on a website. Yet it has hyperlinks pointing to its existence. Continue reading

Experiments with MOWG Page Metrics

MOWG Page MetricsOver the last few months I’ve been amazed at the ingenuity of some MOWG sites. I’ve seen sites with “hidden verbage” (I have a few myself), I’ve seen sites customized with the MOWG bit at the bottom (below the footer), all in a quest for the perfect MOWG run and improving the MOWG Metrics. And with good reason; your website metrics can make or break your site. Continue reading

Faster Indexing For MOWG Runs

Faster Indexing

We can all do with faster indexing of our websites. Whether you’re a MOWG user or not, it’s always a pain to have to sit around and wait for you pages to get indexed.


Faster IndexingHow can you get faster indexing of your back-links or MOWG site? As a MOWG owner you’re probably putting up pages faster than any other type of software owner ever could. Even SeNukeXcr doesn’t come close to the sheer number of backlinks and pages created by MOWG. Continue reading