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Keyword Rank Checker For MOWG

Keyword Rank CheckerAs you are probably aware tracking is an important part of any type of marketing effort. For us MOWG guys, it may be doubly so. Without some form of tracking it’s hard to know whether you’re coming or going… One of the most important things you can track is your keywords. While there may be a lot of keyword rank checkers out there, I’ve come across one that’s really great, and the best thing is it’s completely free. It’s called The Rankerizer.

While the “Free Monitor For Google” on Dave’s website will do the trick, this tool I’m talking about is much better. One of its key features is the ability to also check your Bing and Yahoo! ranking status. Another great feature of this piece of software is the option to choose your “rank location”. So if you’re targeting a specific country (say Australia, or United Kingdom etc.) the software will query those servers for your keyword rankings.

You can also set the “Search Aggressiveness” by choosing one of the 4 settings, 10, 20, 50 or 100 deep. Another neat feature is the ability to set proxies if you’re doing a lot of keywords at a time.

Keyword Rank Checker Features

But the best feature of all I think is the option to set a schedule for checking your keywords’ positions. Every time you do a check the software will add a “dot” on a graph so over time you can actually see how each individual keyword ranks in a graph. And that’s pretty cool.

For MOWG purposes this is one tool that you can’t afford to miss in your arsenal. And I almost forgot to tell you about another neat feature… this software automatically slows down when checking Bing and Yahoo! to prevent your IP from getting banned.

Watch the video below and judge for yourself… I think you’re going to like it. After you watch the video head on over to the resources page to download the Keyword Rank Checker from the link on that page. (Rankerizer)