Finally, a System Anyone Can Use to Generate 1000's of Optimized Pages Without Messy Spreadsheets!

What is Mass Page Creator?
MPC is an easy to use software that allows you to build an unlimited number of pages, targeting all your best keywords!

You probably know that Google is big on content. Small websites have a tougher time ranking than bigger "authority sites." And maybe you also know that Google gives preference to local results when you search online. But the question is...
How Do You Use This to Your Advantage?
Carl Riedel
Hi, I'm Carl Riedel.

I'm a web designer, mass optimization consultant and local seo strategist. For years, I've tried to make it as an online marketer. In Dec. 2009 I quit my job as a software technical analyst for an Apple software and spent the next 4 years trying everything I could find on the internet.

Here I was... an "internet marketer" and self employed web designer trying to drum up enough business to survive. At a certain point I was even forced to take on a part time job as a janitor at a local high school, because nothing seemed to work.

Then I Found "The Concept..."
Then in late Aug. 2012 I found what I'd been looking for or so I thought. It was the concept that attracted me. What if I could create 1000's of pages for my website.... targeting my best keywords? What if I didn't have to create or write content for 1000's of pages?
I Was Making Money...
When I found a software that promised to do just that, I immediately signed up. Even though it was prohibitively expensive on my limited income as a janitor... I joined. I immediately started researching all I could about this "new" software. I spent months trying to figure out how the program worked and how to optimize my results. And for a brief moment it worked. I started getting a trickle of traffic to my websites.

But the more I learned the more problems I began to see. And as time went on I could also notice how my clients were affected. My pages were dropping like flies. They would briefly get indexed, rank for a couple of days only to drop like a pile of bricks. With each Google update my pages were getting less and less traffic.

Then I Started Losing Clients...
As I was seeing the poor results my clients were getting I could not blame them. But I knew it wasn't "The Concept" that had failed... The problem was with my pages... You see... These pages were made to target long tail keywords. But the "tails" on these keywords were so long and the url structure of my pages were so "convoluted" and complicated that they hardly matched anything people regularly type in any search engine.

There were simply too many problems with the program I was using. Apart from being over-complicated to use and the constant need to push out new pages... the pages just didn't stick long enough in Google to make a dent in my bottom line.

So I Took Matters Into My Own Hand...
I knew the concept was right. Combine my best keywords with the locations I wanted to target and I would have a winner. So I decided to build my own software... I knew EXACTLY what I wanted. So I made a list of my minimum requirements. Here's what I came up with for ANY software to be up to the task of building 1000's of Search Engine Friendly Pages.
My Software Requirements:
  • Have An Interface
  • Be Easy To Use
  • Create Unique Pages
  • Automatic Interlinking Of Pages
  • Include A Sitemap
  • 100% Human Readable Content
  • Easy To Switch, Adapt and Change Pages and Templates
  • Search Engine Friendly URL's
  • Build Perfect Silo Structure

So I set about building my own software. After a couple of months of next to zero progress, by chance I heard about something called Mass Page Creator from a fellow web designer. I immediately started researching the software...

You see... I wasn't a "newbie" anymore! I knew what would work and what didn't stand a chance in hell. I wouldn't get distracted by "The Shiny New Object Syndrome". I started looking for actual historical results.

What I found was amazing to say the least. Pages that had been built 2 years ago with the software were still appearing on the front page of Google for their respective keywords... pages with very few backlinks...
And What I Found Blew My Mind...
Here was a piece of software that did EXACTLY what I wanted and more. Beyond doing everything on my list, Mass Page Creator also included:
  • Over 20 Ready Made Page Templates
  • Online HTML Editor
  • Built In Blueprint Function To Test Your URL's Before Build
  • Intelligent Warning Messages If A Setting Is Wrong
  • The Use Of Multiple Source Files For Each Project
  • Training Videos Took About 1 Hour Total
  • Extremely Fast (Have over 20.000 pages live in less than 3 minutes)
  • Free Updates
  • Ability To "Name" Your Sitemap (No Footprint For Google To Find)

After running Mass Page Creator on some of my own websites and doing runs for some of my clients the results were staggering. Not only do the pages rank for their respective keywords, but they also helped increase my Domain Page Rank.

I Had a Tiger by the Tail and I Wasn't About to Let Go...
Mass Page Creator turned out to be everything anybody could ever want in a Mass Optimized Page Building Software. Mass Page Creator offered me the "raw power and speed" I needed to turn my business around. In fact... Mass Page Creator helped me regain the confidence of some of the clients I've lost... and business is BOOMING!

Coming back to my original question... How Do You Use MPC to Your Advantage?
For Local Business Owners
As a local business owner or service provider you can use Mass Page Creator to build hundreds or thousands of web pages targeting your best keywords and service area to attract new clients to your business.
For SEO Consultants
SEO Consultants can use MPC to build pages quickly and efficiently without the risk of leaving a footprint anywhere.
For Lead Brokers
Build perfectly optimized lead capture pages that rank with little effort and capture more leads and business than ever before.

But I May Be Biased...
After all, I'm making money with MPC. So what are other people saying about Mass Page Creator?
When I was introduced to MPC, I was a little nervous about learning it. Larry and Carl took the time out to help me when I was confused or didn't understand what I was doing wrong. MPC has entirely switched my business focus.

I can deploy a site with 3.5 million pages that rank instantly (once indexed). I haven't gone back to making videos since. I've been able to generate roughly 10 sites daily for adsense, lead gen, cpa and amazon. It is one of the easiest ways I have found to make instant money.

Holly Starks Cooper
MPC is a "must have" tool for every internet marketer. Larry Sherman is a genius and market leader when it comes to creating a complete stand-alone mass page creator software program. MPC works with WordPress or HTML.

Because of this unique versatility, users can build pages on most "standard" host servers to start and upgrade as they grow. With Carl Riedel's training, MPC's capability is limited only to one's imagination. Thanks Larry!

Tom Kahler
I just finished putting up my second Wordpress site with MPC. I continue to be impressed by what a great tool MPC is. The leverage delivered by MPC is incredible. What use to take me four months, I can do in a week with MPC. I have no doubt that as my skill in using MPC improves, I'll be able to get that down to one day, or less.

In addition to over delivering on it's promise, MPC is also a pleasure to use. The software works smoothly and with no bugs or hiccups. It's totally a professional-grade tool that you can build a business on. The quality of the MPC program far exceeds most if not all, Internet marketing and or SEO software tools, in my experience.
Thanks for the heads up, I upgraded last night after I did a test run on my site, very impressive. I decided it was better to just get the commercial version.
A Quantum Leap... Hi. A quantum leap in geo-targeted niche marketing…and so simple to use…The mass page creator really does use the K.I.S.S formula...
Gordon B
MPC Puts It All Together In Seconds...

I don't post here very often, but I just need to say that this is one of the most fool proof products I have found, and you know that I am just the fool to screw up most programs.

Since the rebuild I have created over 12000 pages on various sites of mine and while the gathering of the initial info takes a little while the MPC puts it all together in seconds to create unique targeted pages.
Graham N.
This is just a small sample of testimonials customers have sent in. There are many more in the forum.

Need More Proof? Check the stats below!

All this traffic is 100% ORGANIC!
Mass Page Creator allows you to laser target your OPO (On Page Optimization), so that even pages with little traffic convert like crazy! The website in the image below *ONLY* had 12 visitors, and it still made 5 conversions.

MPC also has an iron clad 15-day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee !!!

If you are struggling to make money online or generate enough traffic to your money pages, your search is over! Get Mass Page Creator today and start your journey to success!