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Faster Indexing For MOWG Runs

Faster Indexing

We can all do with faster indexing of our websites. Whether you’re a MOWG user or not, it’s always a pain to have to sit around and wait for you pages to get indexed.   Faster IndexingHow can you get faster indexing of your back-links or MOWG site? As a MOWG owner you’re probably putting up pages faster than any other type of software owner ever could. Even SeNukeXcr doesn’t come close to the sheer number of backlinks and pages created by MOWG. Great… You’ve got your thousands of pages and backlinks; now what? Now you sit back and wait for a few weeks until Google has decided to start indexing your pages. Maybe you’ve tried pinging your pages, or maybe added your sitemap to Google Analytics. But as you may have noticed there isn’t a heck of a lot of difference. Google gets around to indexing whenever it feels like it. But what if you didn’t have to sit and wait for the Google bots to come by? What if there was a way to get the bots to index your MOWG pages in days instead of weeks? And even better, what if you could get over 75.000 one way backlinks to each one of your pages at the same time? What if you could program something like that to run on a schedule? And what if all this could be done while you’re doing something else entirely? Would you be interested in something like that?

The Solution For Faster Indexing

The solution is Content Notifier. This piece of software takes care of all the problems above and leaves you free to deal with the really important stuff. Whether you’re doing a run for a client for referral traffic or backlinking a Clickbank project, Content Notifier gets your pages indexed a lot faster than any other method you can think of. The software is actually so powerful that it’s recommended NOT to run it using the full database all at once. There is a configuration option to select the percentage of the database you want to use with every run. Content Notifier has 3 basic setting which are:
  1. Ping. In Ping only mode it will ping your pages to about 130 directories.
  2. Backlinks. In back-link only mode the software will create one way backlinks to your site from over 75.000 webdirectories.
  3. Ping and Backlink. In Ping and Backlink mode Content Notifier will do both.

Web Crawler

To be honest the backlinks that the software creates are not the most powerful. They come mostly from web directories and similar places, but the sheer number of them brings all kinds of web crawlers to your website including Google’s. More crawling means faster indexing for your pages. This piece of software is really worth the measly $37.00 one-time payment it costs. Just think about it for a second… What’s worth more? Waiting a few weeks to start getting indexed every time you put up a new project, or start getting clicks for your client and on your affiliate links within days? If you think option 2 is better here’s your chance. Follow the link below and get Content Notifier and start getting faster indexing.  

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