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Hide MOWG Text

Hiding The Mowg Verbage From Visitors

hide mowg textLike all spun content MOWG pages will turn a visitor away if they bothered to read it. That’s the main reason for the big fat image in the middle. Of course we can’t get rid of the verbage on the page because that’s what make our pages unique.

But what if there was a way to hide MOWG text ? Actually there is a way to do that. I’m creating a bunch of templates with “hidden text”. The text is hidden when the page loads for humans, but search engines can still find, read and rank it.

There is really nothing new or blackhat about having “hidden” text on your web pages. Actually you can even see this on Youtube!

All you need to do is visit Youtube and try to get the embed code for any video. That is hidden verbage… MOWG is one instance where you definitely DON’T want people seeing your content right off the bat. My experiments have proven to me that hiding the content and “entertaining” your visitor with a video, will keep your pages indexed for longer.

Just watch the video below.

Right now this template “plug’n play” for 1-MOWG-SITE (V5) runs and the V17.4 Excel macro. A few simple adaptations will make it compatible with 2-MOWG-HB (V6) type runs.

Hide MOWG Text FAQ

Question: Will my site get penalized for hiding the text (verbage)?

Answer: Absolutely NOT. ALL the biggest blogs and websites on the Internet, from Oprah’s website to WebMD and even Google themselves use “hidden verbage”.

What do you think “tabs are”?
Tabs on any website are exactly that…. “hidden verbage”. It’s common practice.

There is one caveat to this rule though… There MUST be a way for your visitor to get to your content. If you hide it completely with NO Way of your visitor getting to it… That’s something else.