Speed Up Your Page

Hi guys here’s a simple way to speed up your loading time for your MPC pages. Removing external fonts can make a difference in how fast your page loads. Every little bits counts when it comes to page speed and ultimately… ranking!

In a choice between speed and aesthetics, I’d always go with page load speed as the option of choice. Page speed matter more to your ranking in Google than how beautiful your fonts are.

2 Responses to Speed Up Your Page

  • Thanks Carl.
    Any tips on how to

    Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content

    That is the Big Speed killer on my pages.
    I am lost with the Tips They Give To Fix it

    • Hi Will, I try to keep .js files to the absolute minimum, or remove them completely where possible. If there is no other way I will switch themes. Speed is more important than aesthetics.