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Link Wheels

What are Link Wheels?

link wheelsLink wheels are nothing new to seo. Still, surprisingly very few people take advatage of the boost it can privide to their website(s). Now if you thought that links wheels could only be created with Web2.0 property… think again.

A linkwheel is a series of sites linking to each other (and your money site) in such a way that the “previous” site always links to the site “ahead”, but never to the site “behind” it. This is usually done with Web2.0 sites like WordPress, Hubpages, Squidoo etc… It may sound confusing, but it is basically one of the easiest ways to rank your money sites.

The video series below will show you exactly how to create your link wheels and get better rankings in the search engines. While traditionally Linkwheels are created using Web2.0 there’s no rule that says you can’t do it with MOWG.

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Strong Little Linkwheels…

To get the most benefit from your link wheel is pays back in spades to have your backlink domains sitting on separate Class C IP’s of course. I’ve found a really cheap way of doing that by signing up with SEO Host.

You can start from 5 C Class IPs. Then I install one domain on each IP and get the backlinks I need for most projects.

There is one drawback to this though… You only get 1 Gig of diskspace for each domain. So this means that if you plan to install WordPress on the domain, you’ll have precious little space left for your MOWG pages.

My work around to this is to create a small 4 to 6 page html website, and just MOWG the heck out of the backend.