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MOWG Templates is a leader in Web Design delivering high quality service with valuable, convenient, relevant and an enjoyable online presence through a diversity of products and services. Affordable Web Design and SEO Services are our most important selling points.

We are the only commercial template creator for MOWG on the internet. Our goal is to create a whole range of high converting templates for every type of MOWG run imaginable.

Instead of just “referral” templates, we are actively experimenting with “affiliate marketing” templates and “squeeze page” themes>. Of course we can also turn any existing page on your website into a “MOWG run” as well.

We also do “Special Requests” where you can give us a description of your requirements, and we will build your theme from “scratch”.

Artcorp Template

Artcorp Template

Artcorp HV

Artcorp HV Template

The MOWG verbage is kept to a minimum on this template.

Responsive Theme

Responsive Theme

New!!! Affiliate Template

MOWG Affiliate Template

New!!! Affiliate Template Style 2

Affiliate Template

About our affiliate templates…

Our new “affiliate templates” are highly customizable and can be adapted to any type of affiliate offer.

The ability to add video makes this theme not only great for promoting affiliate products, but they can also do double duty as a squeeze page.

All you have to do is plug in your autoresponder code and run MOWG as usual.

Branding Templates