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ArtCorp HV Template

Artcorp HV Template

ArtCorp HV Template

This is a new version of the ArtCorp Template called the ArtCorp HV. In this version of ArtCorp all the “verbage” is hidden. The benefit of hiding the MOWG verbage is that you have a lesser risk of a visitor actually trying to read it. Ask yourself this…

If you actually took the time to read a MOWG page, would you click? You’d most likely “click away” instead. But now with most of the verbage hidden, you have a lesser risk of your visitors clicking away.

ArtCorp HV Features

Optimized images at the bottom of the page. (thumbnails can be removed) Sidebar navigation links (can be removed) Contact details in the footer area (great for Google maps and localization) Hidden Verbage Header can be added in

ArtCorp now has a clean “real-website” look and feel to it that is certain to increase your CTR once your pages are indexed. The templates are completely “plug’n play” for 1-MOWG-SITE type runs and all you need is to put them in the right directory, configure your settings and run MOWG as usual.

The cool thing about these is that you can easily adapt them to work with 2-MOWG-HB type runs. For more information on adapting them, contact me and I’ll explain directly or help if you need assistance.