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ArtCorp Template

Artcorp Template

ArtCorp Template

The ArtCorp Template has a number of options. As all templates on this website I have NOT made this template 2-MOWG-HB ready. I leave all templates for the “new” runs to Dave. He will bring those out on http://www.mowg-crew.com/2-mowg-hb-templates.html

ArtCorp Features

  • Adding additional images at the bottom of the page. ( thumbnails)
  • Sidebar navigation links
  • Contact details in the footer area (great for Google maps and localization)

Complete customization options are available from this page.

This template is completely “plug’n play” for 1-MOWG-SITE (V5) type runs. To get this template to work, you need to create a folder on your C drive and call it 1-MOWG-SITE-ARTCORP

Place all the zipped folders in that directory, unzip them and you’re ready to do your run as usual. (V5 runs only)

Artcorp Description

Like all templates on MOWG Templates the ARTCORP Template is completely Plug’n Play for 1-MOWG-SITE Type runs. All you need do is create a folder called 1-MOWG-SITE-ARTCOP on you C: drive and paste the templates in. Unzip and do your V5 run as usual.

If you’re using 2-MOWG-HB runs and want to use this theme for V5 runs, you’ll need to rename your V17 Excel folder to something else and paste in (or rename to V17 if you already have it) the V17.4 Excel folder.

Another way of incorporating this template if you use 2-MOWG-HB type runs is to rename the .csv and .html files in the ArtCorp Template Bundle to the new name these folders now have in 2-MOWG-HB.

Example: Take .csv from ArtCorp-SUB (0-vars-no-geo.csv) and rename to “client-data-geo.csv” then make another copy and rename to “domain-1.csv”. Use these 2 renamed files to overwrite the existing ones in your 2-MOWG-HB folder and you’re good to go.

For better organization of your MOWG runs you may want to create a new folder, copy your MOWG-HB files in that folder and give it an appropriate name followed by a “Search and Replace” execution after you’ve copied over the new template files. If this isn’t clear I’m happy to set up a meeting with you on Skype to explain and/or demonstrate.