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Responsive Theme

Responsive Theme

Responsive Theme

The Responsive Theme is great for business branding. Please be aware that this template is NOT 2-MOWG-HB ready. Dave will be updating it for 2-MOWG-HB runs in a few days.

This template includes a number of great options including:

  • Logo Placement. (business branding) Sliding Images (as many as you like).
  • It’s completely responsive to whatever device you’re on (iPad, iPhone and Android Devices)
  • You can place text or vars below the images.
  • You can place text or vars “inside” the images. You can remove all text or vars from the images. (see image opposite)

Ideal for promoting non-geo targeted Affiliate offers. The clear, clean and responsive interface invites clicks.

As with all my products I give 100% support for all my Custom MOWG Themes.

There are a couple of things you need to do BEFORE you use this template and I’ll put them in order below.

Responsive Theme Preparation

  • Before you can start using the theme you need to put it wherever you do your MOWG runs from. (e.g. C:1-MOWG-SITEARCHIVEtheme-location)
  • Using the Search and Replace Tool, replace C:1-MOWG-SITEARCHIVEtheme-location with YOUR CURRENT DIRENTORY (every template comes from a different filepath from my machine so this needs to be replaced with your filepath. The filepath to be replaced is included in each theme in a text file).
  • Check the images in the SYSTEMrelated-v5-files2theme-support-folderimg directory. (keeping your images around the 800×520 pixel mark will give the best results)
  • By default, I’ve included 4 images. You will want to replace them. Simply download or create 4 new images and name them img.jpg, img2.jpg, img3.jpg and img4.jpg and use them to replace the images already present. If you want to use more or less rotating images you need to edit the .html file (image coming soon)
  • Update the zz-auto-create.pfl file in the “SYSTEM” folder with your own domain details. Done! You’re ready for the run

Go back to the main folder and run the Step-2.exe file. Put in your keywords, destination, Geo Targets (depending on your type of run) etc…

If you’re on a 32 bit computer Run “Step-3-HIT-ME_32-bit.bat” If you’re on a 64 bit machine Run “Step-3-HIT-ME.bat”.

Looking at the instructions above it may seem very complicated, but it’s the same type of run as with C:1-MOWG-SITE. The only difference here is that you don’t need to specify an image for the run. That’s already been taken care of in the steps above.

Make sure you are uploading the related-v5-folder2 to your http://mydomain.com/public_html directory. I’ll be updating this post with new videos with “tweaking options” for this template.

Here’s a live sample of what the theme looks like: http://fast-index.518expo.com/index.html