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Var Creator For MOWG

Varsheet Creator For MOWG | Preview

var creator for mowgOK guy’s it’s complete… Many of you have known for a while now that I’ve been working on a VAR Creator for MOWG. Well finally it’s complete.

Most of you are familiar with spin text and know that it’s usually used for the creation of backlinks from software’s such as SENuke, Sick Submitter etc.

What the Var Creator allows you to do is take any spun article and turn it into vars, ready to be added to your MOWG varsheets and your html template.

But even more then that the Var Creator also writes down the vars for you, so all you have to do is copy the vars into ANY .html template and you have uniquely written, 100% human readable content with every run.

Of course the quality of the content depends on the quality of spinning involved. If you spin crazy stuff, you end up with verbage just like MOWG UAP runs.That of course would defeat the whole purpose of this software. But if you have a good writer (outsourced or done yourself) you will end up with high quality, human readable content that makes sense on every page.

Another great advantage of the Var Builder is that now you can use more LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) on your Landing Pages. To read more on how this benefits you, check out the article link below. You’ll get a better appreciation of what the Var Creator can accomplish, but here’s a snippet…

When you search an LSI-indexed database, the search engine looks at similarity values it has calculated for every content word, and returns the documents that it thinks best fit the query. Because two documents may be semantically very close even if they do not share a particular keyword, LSI does not require an exact match to return useful results. Where a plain keyword search will fail if there is no exact match, LSI will often return relevant documents that don’t contain the keyword at all. Read more…

So now when someone finds your Landing Page, (this is beyond MOWG now…lol), and they decide to read it, they’ll find an intelligently written article.

See The Var Creator For MOWG In Action Here