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MOWG Reviews

Well if you’re looking for a review of the mowg software, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve owned this software for a little over 2 years more or less after paying $1300.00 at $100.00 per month for the software. I started My Own Webpage Generation Templates (mowgtemplates.com) in Jan. 2012 After using the software for some time, I started noticing that some things could be done in a better, less spammy way. This prompted me to start building better templates for myself and other people. This mowg reviews page will explain all you need to know.

From when I started using the software and up to around June, July 2013 it seemed to work. But as time went on I started noticing that the pages would drop more and more from the search engines and getting indexed less. This promoted me to search for something that would work BETTER THAN MOWG SOFTWARE.

Full RipoffReport.com Report on MOWG Software Creator Dave Bennett

And I did find it, it’s called Mass Page Creator. After teaming up with the developer and explaining what I needed a Mass Optimization Tool to do, I also signed up as an affiliate for the program. Naturally… Why not make a few bucks on a great tool with an affiliate program?

Now on Friday July 4th 2014 Dave Bennet (Owner of the MOWG Software) CANCELLED MY MOWG LICENSE BECAUSE I WAS COMPETING WITH HIM… The full email exchange can be found on RipOffReport.com on this link on top.

Seems like I’m not the only one with complaints against Dave Bennett. He’s been reported on Better Business Bureau too.

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So if you’re thinking of buying MOWG Software, make damn sure you never promote anything else beside Dave Bennett’s products or he will pull your License away, whether you’ve paid it off or not.

Why you should NEVER EVER use MOWG UAP runs.

If you have been screwed by Dave Bennet, I’d like to hear your story too. Please comment below. If you do not with to have your name published, simply leave an anonymous comment. I can certainly understand if you fear your license being pulled as well if this review came to Dave Bennett’s attention.

I have copied and pasted the emails, I’ve received from the people on my lists. All names have been HIDDEN to protect these people from persecution.