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Customizing ArtCorp Template

ArtCorp Template Customizations

Artcorp Template OptionsThe ArtCorp Template offers 3 customization options. All the customizable areas are clearly marked (commented out) in the html code. If you’re a subscriber to this website you have free access to the codes.

The first part you can change/alter in this template is the Siderbar Area. Continue reading

Cuber Template Editing

Editing the cuber template is easy. Only For GEO Runs: At the bottom of the .html file, change the business/company details. This adds strength for Google Maps.

1. Create your image. (approx. 630×250 for best display)

2. Upzip the zipped file and add your image in the “images” folder.

3. Upload the cuber support folder with images and css into your “related-v5-files2″ folder or its equivalent. Continue reading

nPulse MOWG Template Settings

How To Customize nPulse MOWG Template:

The MOWG nPulse template can be used “out of the box” with the “domain-1.csv” supplied. If you want to use your own .csv file you need to remove var1001 (image.jpg), because this template uses a slider with images. By default there are 3 images called “slide1.jpg”, “slide2.jpg” and “slide3.jpg”. Continue reading