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Cuber Template Editing

Editing the cuber template is easy. Only For GEO Runs: At the bottom of the .html file, change the business/company details. This adds strength for Google Maps.

1. Create your image. (approx. 630×250 for best display)

2. Upzip the zipped file and add your image in the “images” folder.

3. Upload the cuber support folder with images and css into your “related-v5-files2″ folder or its equivalent. (insert entire folder)

Please note that if you do a sub domain run, your sub domain IS YOUR DOMAIN. So upload the “related-v5-files2″ folder there. (It’s easier if done through MOWG FTP)

Cuber Template

Editing Address Details in Cuber Template:

Please note codes are only available for logged in users.editing cuber template

You can of course delete that whole block of code if you wish. Look for the piece of code on the right with notepad++:

and delete everything within. This will deleted the address details without leaving a large black block and damaging the footer area.

ONLY IF YOU USE YOUR OWN VAR SHEET: Remember to remove the vars from 5000 to 5007 to avoid an error message when you do your runs.

Header Image For Cuber Templates

A number of people have asked me if it was possible to insert a header image in the cuber templates to “brand” their MOWG sites. After a little fiddling I found a solution. Please look at the images below and apply this to your theme if you wish.

IMPORTANT: Always create a backup before you change anything.

This is what the “normal” cuber design looks like.

header image for cuber templates

OK so here goes… This is how you add a header image to the cuber template.

First Create a backup of your html file. Next open up your html file with Notepad++ and look for these four lines:

cuber template header codeheader image code

Make sure your header is around 960×120 for best fit. If your image is too wide it’ll “eat up” all the space at the top of the screen.

There will be a small gap at the top of the screen after you put your header code in, but that’s nothing to worry about. It’s hardly noticeable.

Thanks for reading this post and hope this answers your questions.