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Customizing ArtCorp Template

ArtCorp Template Customizations

Artcorp Template OptionsThe ArtCorp Template offers 3 customization options. All the customizable areas are clearly marked (commented out) in the html code. If you’re a subscriber to this website you have free access to the codes.

The first part you can change/alter in this template is the Siderbar Area. The sidebar items in this design are links to the same areas of your site as the main navigation bar. Of course you also have the option to remove the code completely from the index.html file.

The second part that’s easily customize-able is the “Image Gallery” at the bottom of the page. At the bottom of this page you’ll find a piece of code you can add to the html file to display a small image gallery. The images in the gallery have the same navigational structure as the main navigation bar, and also the same “title tags” and “alt tags”. Google likes good optimized images so why not give him some…

The third variable part of this theme is the option to add in address details. (You can find the code below.) Simply copy and paste the code between the appropriate commented out parts on the html file, add in your address details and you’re good to go. By default the contact details code is added at the bottom of the page, but there’s no reason why you couldn’t paste the code in place of the Sidebar navigation.

If you choose this option however remmber to leave out the  and the closing tags otherwise your contact details will appear at the bottom of your site. (see image)Artcorp Template Customization

You can mix and match as much as you like with these snippets of code and as long as you stay within the commented out sections the template will work fine. Address details can make a real difference in “local” runs.

Image Gallery Code

Image Gallery code for GEO and No-GEO Sub Domain Runs.

Both runs use the same navigational structure, so this snippet is interchangeable.

<a href=”[%DOMAIN%]/[%var8001%]“><img src=”[%var1013%]/related-v5-files2/artcorp-sub-files/images/pix1.jpg” title=”[%var88%] – [%var1003%]” alt=”[%var88%] – [%var1003%]” width=”58″ height=”58″ /></a>

<a href=”[%DOMAIN%]/[%var8002%]“><img src=”[%var1013%]/related-v5-files2/artcorp-sub-files/images/pix2.jpg” title=”[%var90%] [%var1004%]” width=”58″ height=”58″ alt=”[%var90%] [%var1004%]” /></a>

<a href=”[%DOMAIN%]/[%var8003%]“><img src=”[%var1013%]/related-v5-files2/artcorp-sub-files/images/pix3.jpg” title=”[%var1005%] [%var92%]” width=”58″ height=”58″ alt=”[%var1005%] [%var92%]” /></a>

<a href=”[%DOMAIN%]/[%var8004%]“><img src=”[%var1013%]/related-v5-files2/artcorp-sub-files/images/pix4.jpg” title=”[%var1003%] – [%var94%]” width=”58″ height=”58″ alt=”[%var1003%] – [%var94%]” /></a>

<a href=”[%DOMAIN%]/[%var8005%]“><img src=”[%var1013%]/related-v5-files2/artcorp-sub-files/images/pix5.jpg” title=”[%var1007%] [%var96%]” width=”58″ height=”58″ alt=”[%var1007%] [%var96%]” /></a>

<a href=”[%DOMAIN%]/[%var8006%]“><img src=”[%var1013%]/related-v5-files2/artcorp-sub-files/images/pix6.jpg” title=”[%var2%] [%var4%]” width=”58″ height=”58″ alt=”[%var2%] [%var4%]” /></a>


Contact Details Code:

This snippet of code can be used on any run. There are no links involved so you can just copy and paste this into any of the ArtCorp Templates.

<div class=”col c3″>


<p>[%var134%] [%var405%] [%var376%] [%var948%] [%var114%] [%var55%]</p>

<p>Address: Street Name and number<br />

Address: Town/City<br /> Address: ZIP/postcode<br />

Address: State or County<br /> +1 (123) 444-5677<br />

<a href=”mailto:support@yoursite.com”>support@yoursite.com</a></p>