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nPulse MOWG Template Settings

How To Customize nPulse MOWG Template:

The MOWG nPulse template can be used “out of the box” with the “domain-1.csv” supplied. If you want to use your own .csv file you need to remove var1001 (image.jpg), because this template uses a slider with images. By default there are 3 images called “slide1.jpg”, “slide2.jpg” and “slide3.jpg”.

You will need to remove var1001 and var5000 to var5007 from your .csv file if you use your own. The nPulse MOWG Template does not need the .css file these vars refer to.

If you want to edit this template watch the videos below.

nPulse Image Editing:

To change slider images create or get some images. (960×360 px. gives the best display) Rename images to slide1.jpg, slide2.jpg, slide3.jpg, If you use different sizes the image will “try” to resize to 960×360 px and may “break” borders. Insert your images in the images folder.

Upload the folder that contains the template support files into your “related-v5-files2″ folder or its equivalent.

nPulse Sidebar Editing:

At the bottom of the .html file, change the business/company details, or easily remove the sidebar code. (Watch video’s above) This adds strength for Google Maps.

I’ve added little notes in this template to make it easy to identify the sidebar code. The block of code below is the “whole” of the sidebar. If you decide to remove the sidebar, make sure you remove the whole block of code and not just part of it.

nPulse Sidebar Code:

To edit the details just replace whatever information is already present within the li opening and /li closing brackets. You can of course delete some lines and leave others or add additional lines by copy and pasting one of the lines and replacing the text.

nPulse Stat Counter Code Editing

Change the statcounter code in the html file to track your page hits. (Make sure you remove the “noscript” part from the statcounter code.) Everything starting from the tag up to and including the end tag should be removed from the statcounter code.

Run MOWG as usual.

NOTE: Images in this template may have copyright and are for testing purposes only. USE YOUR OWN IMAGES PLEASE.

nPulse MOWG template settings

Using Your Own Var Sheet With nPulse Template

var1001 – var5000 – var5001 – var5002 – var5003 – var5004 – var5005 – var5006 – var5007

Need to be removed from the “domain-1.csv” ONLY if you use your own. These vars refer to the image and the css file associated with the standard MOWG .html file and are NOT needed for this template.