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Increasing Conversions With Optimized Landing Pages

landing pagesMost Websites usually have different types of pages, such as, Home Page, Sales/Service Offer Page(s), Article Pages, Contact Page(s) and Landing Pages. Most business owners have one or more landing pages on their site.

What exactly is a landing page?

People often confuse a landing page with a sales page. There is a difference between the two however. While Sales Pages are designed to sell a product or service, Landing Pages are primarily designed to grab the visitors attention and direct it to your offer or sales page.

Landing Pages are designed to Presell and warm-up the visitor and guide him/her to the actual Sales Page, where you offer your product or service to the public. These pages are often linked to from social media, email campaigns or SEO campaigns in order to increase the effectiveness of the advertisements. Another difference between a Landing Page and a Sales Page is that landing pages usually have a lot less content when compared to sales pages.

Squeeze Pages

A clear example of this typical “lack of content” are Squeeze Pages. Squeeze Pages are a form of landing page where the marketer asks for the visitors’ email address in exchange for some form of value. Value in this case could be anything the visitor will perceive as having some form of value for him/her. (e.g. Special reports, launch date announcements, free trial, etc… ) Most Squeeze Pages have very little content except for the “Call To Action” on the page.

Why Use Landing Pages?

Landing pages help both your conversion and help focus or funnel your visitors attention to a specific promotion on your site. If you were to send your visitors directly to your homepage instead of an optimized landing page you are likely to lose a large number of visitors. The reason is simple… Normally the home page is designed for a “General Overview” of the site’s content, and as we all know people get easily distracted. A properly optimized landing page will direct your visitors’ focus and prevent him/her straying off to other things.